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Meet The Band



Please stay calm ladies. Sultry smouldering and tanned good looks, honed physique, flat top haircut and a voice that taught honey how to taste, this can only be the living legend that is Danny.

He’s sung with many local bands and has appeared abroad and brings a touch of class to Carnaby Street (about time too some would say).


Joining the band in 2016, the vivacious and fun loving Jackie brings some much needed glamour to our line-up.

Sharing the lead vocals with Danny, and doing the honours on the harmonies, Jackie has a stunning voice and enables the band to greatly extend our range of songs.

Coming fairly late to live music performance we wonder why no-one has grabbed her before now – she’s brilliant.

Jackie had us all a bit puzzled to start with as she kept referring to Martin as “Dad”. We thought she was trying to get into character and the 60s way of speaking (beatniks always used to refer to people as Dad or Daddio in the early 60s) and we thought that was really nice, but then suddenly realised he is actually her Dad! Poor girl, certainly don’t know where she got her great looks from, but definitely not from Martin!



Founder member Martin has played in pop bands since his school days (which is a real long time ago folks). 

Originally a drummer, Martin switched to lead guitar in the 1960s when Carnaby Street’s music was still new and in the charts. 

Martin is an accomplished lead guitarist and accurately re-creates the sound of The Shadows and the Mersey beat bands.


Rhythm guitarist Brian was also a big fan of the 60s sound from his school days. A founder member of the band, Brian and Martin are the main driving force. 

After a period out of bands Brian joined The Rock Experience summer workshops at John Dankworth and Cleo Laine’s famous Stables Theatre, and got bitten by the bug all over again, resulting in joining forces with Martin. The rest, as they say, is history.



Matt helped us out on a New Year’s gig a few years ago and was so darned good we couldn’t let him leave. 

He joined our line-up to add some long overdue professional expertise to the rhythm section of the band (our bass player needs all the help he can get). 

A professionally trained drummer, Matt plays drums in several local bands, teaches music in the area at local schools and gives private drum lessons.



Nick took over from original bassist Les in 2008 and is another oldie from the 60s and has played in a number of local Leighton Buzzard and Milton Keynes based bands over the years since his school days. 

Originally a sax player, Nick was persuaded to switch to bass by his school mates because sax was not very cool in pop bands in those days (and he wasn’t very good). They suggested the bass because it only had four strings and they felt he might be able to manage that more easily. 

Nick also plays bass in his daughter’s contemporary covers band.